Employee testimony

Good evening everyone,

Testimony from those you have designed for does not often come easily in these streets but when it does come, it feels amazing 🤩

So today, see post below, I got butterflies from seeing one our employee experience design and strategies roll out effectively in the midst of a Pandemic 😷

I am proud to have been part of this recruitment transformation process as a Design Lead, from the initial concept to the service blueprint that I worked with Tyler and Lynnsey

To working with Pariksha (Pam) Ramauthar, MBA and her team to test out the new recruitment platform for CIB

All of this would not have been possible without my former Product Owner’s faith in the process regardless of the challenges we faced internally

Thank you Ntswaki Raboroko and my previous design team

This one is for the history books, I have come full circle as a designer, I have a lot ahead to still learn from, to fail and to pick myself up again

User Experience

IxDF Pretoria 2021 Kick off meet-up

Yesterday evening I had an opportunity to engage with Mika O’Donovan – Local host of Interaction Design Foundation Pretoria,

We discussed some of exciting plans for the group for 2021 and the future. Then, we treated to presentation talk on UX trends for the year ahead by Christil Loubser-Hattingh

The floor was on fire 🔥 as we unpacked

  • accessibility of websites
  • motion trends
  • on boarding journeys – I shared with the group that my favourite application of all time the current and past creation of Duolingo

Varima (V) Henry also chipped in and shared his experience with the group alongside Ernest Gerber who really brought out my passion topic, Designing for people who are new to the internet, who have simple devices unlike us who frequently use IPhones and big expensive Samsung’s and other brands

We touched on why it is important to optimize your designs for these users and why engaging with your product and engineering team will help you be on the same page as business

I shared my experiences of working for a large bank and how we took on addting accessibility to the app, why that was important for South Africans and the rest of Africa.

To be honest, this group is so authentic, Join us next time when you get a chance.

IxDF Africa on Meetup


The Kids are Back at School

It’s January 2021, we are in the middle of a crazy pandemic and after 9 months of home schooling, with varying levels of lockdown rules, my daughters can finally attend school full-time this year.

The year 2020 was just crazy, having to adjust to working from home, to homeschooling the kids via their iPads and making sure there’s some sort of stability for the young ones when it came to their academic learning

Kai taking a tour of her new class yesterday, she is finally joining her sister at the same school, for close two years she used cry and not understand why Kay went to a different school than her
Kai & Kay with me this morning, photo credit: their Mommy 😌, best partner ever
The line on the first day for Grade 1, 2 & 3, Kay is in grade 3 this year and Kai is in stage 5