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Unorganised Thoughts

Recently since I joined Absa, I have realised how messed up my freelance design schedule is and I have no account director or client service person to point fingers at and shift the blame too.

I have looked online for apps to help me work better, there are plenty but none of them can actually solve this issue I have, I suck balls #Nohomo when it comes to not letting clients “NO” I can’t take on any more projects, I have this annoying urge to always say yes like I am kind of super photoshop, Fireworks, illustrator and Handcoder Fucken hero of design.

Maybe all this is because I am scared I am not going to make enough money to pay rent, “dikoloto” debts for all you english speaking snobs and to buy my daughter nappies when they are required.

I have fallen into a spiral where I have to kiss client’s asses, yes I said it and boy do I hate it with a passion. One of the main reasons why I quit my job was to not service clients anymore, rather build products that users can interact with online and 9 months later I have yet to come up with a bloody idea, well I have several but my lazy hands don’t want to push pixels

anyway I am now lost at to what point I was to bring across, it’s 10:27 PM and I am working throughout the night because for some reason, a deadline that was meant for the 14th of this month has been moved to tomorrow at 8 AM

I am tired and hungry, I wish myself luck to produce the best work I know how.

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