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Learning JavaScript, The Dummie way

Sometime last year before I quit working for Quirk, I decided that Since I am interested in continuing the development of my coding super powers, the next language to learn should be Javascript, ( or maybe Php, JQuery, Ruby and so on )… oh did I mention I have a dream to be an Awesome designer turned developer ninja one of these days?.

Well instead of researching for hours and wasting my precious MTN Limited Super expensive Data Bundles, what would be the best method (book / video / website) for a beginner to learn Javascript, why not just ask people who are smarter than myself. first thought ( only thought entlek ) was to Google this shit out of these languages of which I got very interesting links to awesome resources but I am only going to share just Javascript and JQuery links for now.

JQuery For Designers
Java Script Live from SitePoint
jQuery Fundamentals
Mozilla Developer Network

Have any other sources? Do share with a brother/ Father, Lol.

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