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Lessons and Mistakes

As of late ( wondering if that’s a good way to start a post ) I have been consuming a lot jibberish bullshit online from my favourite bloggers whom I won’t mention. anyway that’s not the reason why I am writing this post… the real reason I am putting digital ink down on your awesome screen is because of my frustration with my self as creative being * I have this awkward tendency of never saying no to a project, no matter the size or time it’s take for me to complete it, what’s sad about this is that I have a business partner I have disappointed *Crosses fingers and hopes Siya is really not mad me* because as a designer I have taken over two months to complete a stupid ass Ui for a product landing page… we now look like ass wipes to our first paying client and it’s all my fault.

I am rambling too much so I am going to talk about another messed up thing…. for the past 4 years I have been undercharging clients for my skillset ( I am too sweet entlek ), well Since I left quirk and started being a creative consultant and a first time dad, I have learned the true value of knowing how to price yourself in this industry, a lot of people in south africa, especially bo darkie don’t seem to value visual communication as much as the rest of the world is concerned, there was this one client that wanted me to design and develop a fucken webiste for R1500, I mean really ( I am blaming Telkom  and any other local bloody service provider for making internet expensive and not giving the masses a chance to learn and research )

Ps: Fuck any graphic designer who will charge clients 2 or 5 grand for a full working website + a damn logo or an entire Identity, you guys are killing our business – that shit needs to stop you photoshop and illustrator monkeys.

Don’t know where I am going with this shit I am writing so I am stoppting here *sips rooibos tea and goes back to work.

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