People, Hell & Angels

I feel I’ve heard all the good tunes here on cassette over the years. Nice to hear the remastered versions, and to have them in one place, but is there anything *new* here? Also gotta question the inclusion of “Let me move you”, which is a great foretelling of where Hendrix was going, but completely anachronistic to the rest of the material. Going back to songs like “Izabella” and “Villanova Junction Blues”, Eddie Kramer got a lot of flack at one point for “completing” these unfinished recordings with session musicians. Just leads me to question what I’m hearing here, as a long-time Hendrix fan. This is certainly not a “lost album” by any stretch of the imagination. Rather, a savvy repackaging of material that holds together by virtue of Jimi being at its musical center. Despite my reservations, “Somewhere” really shines, and shows Jimi’s mastery of the form, and there are some sweet moments throughout the collection


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