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Adobe Photoshop CC Launches, Is Now Available for Download


Adobe officially launched Photoshop CC to the public today after announcing its major move to the cloud at its Adobe MAX conference in Los Angeles last month. The program is now available for download through the Creative Cloud website.

Photoshop CC introduces new sharpening technologies and workflow improvements. One of the features that has drummed up the most interest among photographers is the Camera Shake Reduction feature, which magically deblurs photographs that were blurred by camera movements during the exposures.


$50/month will get you access to the full versions of every single Adobe App… as long as you sign on for an entire year. If you’d rather go month to month, you can pay $75 per month to use the software.

Adobe is also offering special pricing to existing “boxed software” customers in order to lighten the blow: If you use at least CS3 and beyond, you can get access to all apps for $30 a month, or a single app for $10 a month. Use CS6? Your price is just $20 a month.

To get started with Photoshop CC, you can sign up for Creative Cloud and/or download Photoshop over through the official website.


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