Public Transport Movement by the People for the People

Our friends over [@] 2lmn have been hard at work for months tweaking and mining data for south africa’s public transport systems, mainly the ReAvaya, MyCiTi and the Gautrain’s train and bus routes

and with this they have re-launced, an online navigation application that can be used by anyone who wants to anywhere using public transport,buses, trains and teksis* – mini-bus taxis (in good time)


The web application is well designed from a user experience point of view and it has been optimised to work on a range of multiple smartphone and tablet devices.

We have been told that there more features in the pipeline that will come in the next coming months. South Africa is filled with lots streets and tons of places to visit and hangout. From cathedrals to hard rock & hippie clubs, there’s a place for everyone to be. The weather is great and the food is unbelievable.

I suggest you try yourself and do share your thoughts on how it has helped you navigate your routes using public transportation.

Ps: do take note & accept that this is our first article on the application. We know that our first efforts will always be the initial draft.”



19. June 2013 by Karabo Ngoatle
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