Case Study – Building Retirement Annuity ETF Digital Solutions

“It is important that user experience professionals see themselves as more than just a designer, that means influencing from executive level all the way to implementation” – Abdul Noutcha

This hit home for me and me remember why I have embarked on this journey of change with organisations, I started out as a graphic designer, became a web designer/ frontend developer and now I am a fulltime User experience specialist with a focus on building a relationship between business & it’s customers.

It’s really hard in South africa to explain what I do, I have managed to influence how Absa handles it’s Retirement Annuity application process by not just designing some pretty screens but by being involved with the decision makers from the get go.

There was a ( Home / Household and Car Insurance ) project I was working and it was coming to an end and I remember meeting with a a now former project manager Johann van jaarsveld at Absa’s Randburg offices, who came to offer me an opportunity of a lifetime because he had about my set of skills and boy am I glad I did not decline.

Johann is not your typical off the mill project manager, he has diverse skills, having been a developer for over 15 years, he understood what happens at the sweatshop ( dev background . After he briefed me about his requirements, we agreed on a freelance consulting rate, signed a contract and immediately started going through the little Business Analysis he had conducted.

Lucky for me Absa BRD ( Business Requirement Documents ) are simple to understand and I was able to add more context and clarity for a way forward to the which saved me time and gave me a good springboard.

Once I completed the BRD doc and got it signed off by both business and Johann, I was able to quickly create visuals ( High Fed Wireframes because we already had an established UI in place ) that added more clarity and this helped with the direction of the unknown IA structure.

Personally I like to work on information Architecture before but in this case, I had to comprise my methodology.

It was interesting for me to sit with users, interact and question and ask why they would use a “future service” – The feedback I got helped to go back and design a better improved solution at the end of the day.

06. May 2014 by Karabo Ngoatle
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