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How Standard Bank Online Onboards New Users

So recently I went to standard bank because I remembered that I had an account with them that I opened back in 2007, lucky for me I found that the account was still active after all these years, think the last time I used it was when I was employed at Quirk back in 2011

Anyway, I got my account number and ordered a new bank card ( still don’t know why I have to wait a couple of days for a personalised card in 2017 )

Don’t give that operational and printing cost bullshit argument.

So getting back to my story, with my old account number, I went and added it as a beneficiary to my current banking platform and deposited a R100, to give it some new life ( I had R0.46 cents left )

I then proceeded and tried to go online to setup my banking profile

Got introduced to a new shiny marketing site explaining the new banking evolution, clicked on Try it now and proceeded to Login, Mind you before doing the said above I had signed up for a profile using the mobile banking app already.

Now my pain point is here, I fail to understand why I have to have a card to access my transactional account ? Can I not activate my online banking journey with my Identity Number and for security measure Authorise that it is me via USSD on my phone ?

This Analysis will have to end here until I get my card. Peace for now.

Ps: this is written in my personal capacity and does not represent the thoughts of those that employ me

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