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Technology driven workforce

I love being enabled by technology, Yesterday right after I dropped off my daughter at pre-school, I got a call from the principal to come picke her up, mind you this was about 20 minutes after I left the school, I was on the highway rushing for a 10am call at the office, time at the time of the call was 7:45am, I turned around, well not literally on the highway,, because you know the law and traffic cops..;-)

I got to the school and picked her up, drove to the doctor who was 30 minutes out, on the way I also picked up my wife so that she can be there for our daughter while I rushed over to my home office, the time now was 9:35am, I got home at 9:45, setup the computer, launched Skype for Business and waited in the lobby for the team to join in.

We discussed were we were with the presentation and what needed to improved, Now what was really impressive is that while all this talking was going, We were litterly make the changes to the Powerpoint presentation in real time with a team of 5 people sitting in different locations.

I added the updated design and content portion for the presentation, it synced and was viewed and discussed in our Microsoft teams channel which has the ability to embed the presentation, you can use all the tools Microsoft offers in right there in Microsoft teams.

I have never, in the 9 years of working collaboratively in various companies, never experienced the ease of tech use like I have here at @Avanade South Africa

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