The Kids are Back at School

It’s January 2021, we are in the middle of a crazy pandemic and after 9 months of home schooling, with varying levels of lockdown rules, my daughters can finally attend school full-time this year.

The year 2020 was just crazy, having to adjust to working from home, to homeschooling the kids via their iPads and making sure there’s some sort of stability for the young ones when it came to their academic learning

Kai taking a tour of her new class yesterday, she is finally joining her sister at the same school, for close two years she used cry and not understand why Kay went to a different school than her
Kai & Kay with me this morning, photo credit: their Mommy 😌, best partner ever
The line on the first day for Grade 1, 2 & 3, Kay is in grade 3 this year and Kai is in stage 5
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Nine Months Later

Hello world, if I did not tell you in person please do forgive me, my daughter Onkagile Kaylee Ngoatle was born on the 14th of June 2012 and I am one hell of proud dad.

Her birth has changed my perspective on life, I enjoy this feeling a man gets when one realises that he is a father, my Girlfriend has been amazing throughout this process, from carrying kay to giving birth, she has shown me how special women are to this world, no matter how fragile they may look, believe me when I say once you see their strength, your jaw will drop in awe,

Anyway besides my little girl, her mom and my awesome family, things have been rather interesting business wise,the past 8 months have been tough but interesting, I have come acknowledge that I do not know it all but I am willing to learn, I now know that communication & trust are key in when one starts a company,

I feel blessed and honoured to see my life take a 360 degree turn after all the crap I have gone through.

… Here is to hoping the next Nine Months would be a success and one hell of a learning curve.