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How Standard Bank Online Onboards New Users

So recently I went to standard bank because I remembered that I had an account with them that I opened back in 2007, lucky for me I found that the account was still active after all these years, think the last time I used it was when I was employed at Quirk back in 2011

Anyway, I got my account number and ordered a new bank card ( still don’t know why I have to wait a couple of days for a personalised card in 2017 )

Don’t give that operational and printing cost bullshit argument.

So getting back to my story, with my old account number, I went and added it as a beneficiary to my current banking platform and deposited a R100, to give it some new life ( I had R0.46 cents left )

I then proceeded and tried to go online to setup my banking profile

Got introduced to a new shiny marketing site explaining the new banking evolution, clicked on Try it now and proceeded to Login, Mind you before doing the said above I had signed up for a profile using the mobile banking app already.

Now my pain point is here, I fail to understand why I have to have a card to access my transactional account ? Can I not activate my online banking journey with my Identity Number and for security measure Authorise that it is me via USSD on my phone ?

This Analysis will have to end here until I get my card. Peace for now.

Ps: this is written in my personal capacity and does not represent the thoughts of those that employ me

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Creating a Persona

Hey Guys, so I have been doing some studying lately and I came across this helpful tip for creating persona’s when you are working on a project.

Start a persona in a narrative style…

• 1-2 sentences on user background ( set context )
• 2-3 sentences on problems trying to solve ( set task definition )
• 2-3 sentences on call to action ( needs, desires etc ) eg how design help them

Do take note that persona scenarios are way better than user profiles

User profiles tend to lean towards fake users created on the fly, thus having or making you the experience designer to have fake empathy towards them

I would like to know what your thoughts are on persona’s and user profiles

Share your thoughts in the comment section below

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Louis Vuitton – Dream

Good stories are hard to come by nowadays. I am on a journey learning as much as I can about the best format to tell stories, good ones for that matter.

Louis Vuitton – Dream from Stuart A. McIntyre on Vimeo.